I'm loving a new blog I've come across : Purse n' boots. I'm adoring her raw wild style!! The bigger and bolder the jewelry the better it is. love love love.  Anything that is worked I'm instantly attracted too; worked leather, worked silver/metal...doesn't matter.... 


Crushing *_*

I had been introduced to Jenny Bird's jewellery and hand bag collection by a friend of a friend about a year ago! I had only seen the items on her site and instantly crushed!  Featured in magazines such as InStyle, Elle, Flare, Vogue, Fashion (personal favorite hehe) etc etc.  I went to a Jenny Bird trunk show this weekend - and my crush continues.  Both my mother and I found some great pieces. xx 

Love the chain mix with leather

I instantly fell in love with this amazing piece. Navajo Crest, hand stitched piece of art.  This necklace not only adds to an outfit....it becomes the outfit.

Whitney Port sporting Jenny Bird

Effortlessly Chic

To recap from my last image class I taught, here are a few examples of effortless chic outfits put together that are simple and easy ; not overly styled.



This is a great example of an upscale casual look. Notice that cardigan under the oh so chic blazer. (found on TheSartorialist)

The Sartorialist


wheels and such

The snow has fallen.  Goodbye summer wheels ; see you next year. :( 

Loving...LOVING that she is biking in snow as well as in HEELS! Would love to be that brave.