...et pour mes petits pieds


Turn around

Had to steel this from one of my fave blogs: bare style; image from tlfan. Kate Bosworth does it every time. But seriously...I want spring and I want this dress, and I want it NOW.  I want to bike in this dress, dance in it, prance, skip, jump...whatevs. Dudes, I love this. xx



Hope everyone had a great weekend. It was freezing here - very, VERY cold outside. Spent the weekend drinking tea (and wine in the evening) and staying warm. The weather, forcing me to hibernate, helped me to organize my apartment; especially my closet :) Here's a little sneak peak of my garde-robe....et les bijoux.  Happy week ahead everyone. xx

Just a few necklaces ;)
Always love pretty hooks
Vintage hat from one of my grand-mother's
Helloooooo down there. I love yous


brushed gold

Iomiss (from etsy.com)

Oh I'm loving these beautiful brushed gold pieces...aaand...yet something else that makes me think and dream of beautiful beaches.  C'est ca! Le Sud de la France.

Kanari Design


Kanari Design

Kanari Design

Nice France

Moi in Nice

Sophie et les galets. xx


Gearing up

Golden Globes this weekend.  Always a fun way to end a weekend.  Can't wait to see the fashions of course...what will the stars wear on the red carpet? Snuggle up with your girlfriends Sunday evening, with some wine or bubbly and let the judging begin. xx
Love how Blake mixes the purple with the turquoise. Ouf, and that dress is suede! Need I say more.

Eeeeeeeeeek- look at Mila's shoes!!! beauty

Victory for Victoire. xx


c h i ll y

This coat was a present from my sweet parents a couple of year ago.  I adore it.  It is big and warm and I love that it sort of looks like a couch too ;) Time to keep warm and stay cozy.  I had a wonderful weekend spent catching up with friends and laughing alot!...Oh.. and make comfort food.  I made butternut squash and ginger soup this evening. xx

Difficult to see, but the bracelet I'm wearing is a Jenny Bird I received from my mother for Christmas.

Love the leather snap. JennyBird


a new beginning

Happy New Years to everyone. !!  I'm just starting to get used to this blog world and hope to get even MORE into it in 2011.  Resolutions? : Make more time to cook (started already...) , embrace and enjoy sweet moments, and take time for future and personal goals.
I do always feel a little sad when the holidays are over, and living in Canada, the coldest months are ahead. Buuuut with this comes the change in season, and I can not help but to think of Spring or even a hot get away.*sigh. xx