Best Dress

For me the Oscars were a little blah this year...Not these dresses though. Here are my two top favorites. What were yours? xx

Favorite! Mila in Elie Saab Haute Couture spring 2011

Runner up: Mandy Moore looks like a fairy GAWD.. MOTHA that's gorgeous!
Monique Lhuillier dress.


too cute to boot

Long story short: my girlfriend Sophie was shopping, spotted these vintage boots. Tried them on, too small for her feet which means only one thing: ce sont pour les petits pieds de Renee! Went to Aunt Olive's (vintage shop on Gilmour st.) the next day, tried them on and within seconds I was paying for them.  Get ready for it: $50! Cute boots that don't even look worn. And that ankle detailing?  How could I say no? Did I mention $50?! xx 


Think Pink

BCBG boots were given to me as a present from my bff ;) I love how 80's they look. Blouse from American Apparel. The color makes me happy. Can be worn through out all four seasons.  I'll be able to wear this during the summer over a bikini, or belted as a dress, or with jean cutoffs and a lace top with sexy wedges...see where I'm going with this? xx


Tea Time

Styled another  lovely and quaint shoot for Modern Family magazine; It was time for High Tea for one very cute little girl.  Princess like dresses which I paired with vintage pieces from my own closet to give it that 'dressing up' look.  Will post the finished product when the issue is out in the spring. Enjoy xx

A few vintage hats..

..add some vintage purses

and some costume jewelry...

Voila.! One of my favorite 'tea time' outfit is complete on our model for the day: miss Keira.


All the pretty babies

Last week I had the pleasure of styling a  'mommy baby' shoot for the spring issue for the sweet Canadian magazine Modern Family.  Being a  a booker as well, I searched, submitted, and booked the lovely pairs of mommy / baby  for this shoot.  The dynamic and chemistry were extra special because of the friendship between the two mothers....as well as the superb team I worked with.  Photographers: Chris and John : http://www.thegeneralstudio.com/ Magazine: http://www.modernfamilymagazine.ca/ ; Makeup: Heather Farmer.   Wardrobe provided by Red Velvet and Fab Baby Gear.  Cute, simple shoot showcasing soft colors for Spriiiiiing...and oh so cute babies that weren't divas at all. Thank you again to Louise and Erin and their babes for such a great job in front of the camera. enjoy. xx 

Naturally going gaga over the images!


a m o u r

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING MIGHT BE VERY CHEESE- eeee....But I don't care. ;)  I thought I'd dedicate a simple little entry to the love of my life.  Sweetest man I have ever met with the biggest heart full of love to share. 
He adores me for the person that I am and is always there for me.  I have met someone that I can be silly with, laugh with, dance with, read with, be quiet with, be loud with, share thoughts with, make memories with and most importantly, be myself with.  Je t'adore. xx 

Driving up to the lake
...his favorite spot on earth
cheeeeeeese. xx ;)  Sorry - I had too.


simple lines

I love accessories, layering, deconstructed fabric, patterns etc.  However, there's nothing like sleek sexy lines to welcome in spring.  I'm loving the simplicity of these outfits.  Zara spring summer 2011. enjoy xx

Like buttah

Adoring this color combo

oui s'il-te-plait

Zara Spring Summer 2011


j'attrape un rêve

J'adore. J'aimerais
Bec & Bridge Autumn / Winter 2011

f e b r u a r y

With yet another cold month ahead...I like spending my weekends staying cozy...and part of this hibernating process is spent drawing with my little nieces Lena and Mimi.  I've always loved to draw and paint.  But what I enjoy even more is doing it with my nieces.  This is a drawing Lena (6yrs old) drew one evening while my family and I were having dinner.  She 'found' one of my good pens and piece of charcoal in my art bag I like to bring when I babysit.  Anyways, she came back in the dining room with hands and fingers covered in black...and with this drawing.  I love it! Enjoy xx
Loving what's going on here.
...these eyes...
Hey look !!...it's Rudolph...It's Rudolph...Hey look!!