All the pretty babies

Last week I had the pleasure of styling a  'mommy baby' shoot for the spring issue for the sweet Canadian magazine Modern Family.  Being a  a booker as well, I searched, submitted, and booked the lovely pairs of mommy / baby  for this shoot.  The dynamic and chemistry were extra special because of the friendship between the two mothers....as well as the superb team I worked with.  Photographers: Chris and John : http://www.thegeneralstudio.com/ Magazine: http://www.modernfamilymagazine.ca/ ; Makeup: Heather Farmer.   Wardrobe provided by Red Velvet and Fab Baby Gear.  Cute, simple shoot showcasing soft colors for Spriiiiiing...and oh so cute babies that weren't divas at all. Thank you again to Louise and Erin and their babes for such a great job in front of the camera. enjoy. xx 

Naturally going gaga over the images!

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