f e b r u a r y

With yet another cold month ahead...I like spending my weekends staying cozy...and part of this hibernating process is spent drawing with my little nieces Lena and Mimi.  I've always loved to draw and paint.  But what I enjoy even more is doing it with my nieces.  This is a drawing Lena (6yrs old) drew one evening while my family and I were having dinner.  She 'found' one of my good pens and piece of charcoal in my art bag I like to bring when I babysit.  Anyways, she came back in the dining room with hands and fingers covered in black...and with this drawing.  I love it! Enjoy xx
Loving what's going on here.
...these eyes...
Hey look !!...it's Rudolph...It's Rudolph...Hey look!!

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