Une etoile dans la mer

Dree Hemingway
Numero #121
...just dreaming the winter blues away...
beauty images.



L o v e.
Shots taken by Nico Stinghe.
Makeup by Alexandra Apple.
MIM new face model Justine.


la vie en rose...du jean...dentelle et un maillot

Photographer: Nico Stingue
Makeup: Alexandra Apple
MIM model: Marie-Eve
Location: my casa
Wardrobe you might enjoy ;) old jean jacket which I decided to cut the sleeves off; lace top from Anthropologie, pink blouse American Apparel and flower tank from a boutique in LA.
enjoy xx


leather jacket and sequined short shorts

Impromptu styling job last weekend with talented photographer Nico Stinghe.
Model: MIM new face beauty Alyssa
Makeup Artist: Alexandra Apple
Location: My place ;)
Behind the scenes coaching and inspiration: Stephanie xx
Wardrobe to remember :) : vintage leather jacket that I adore because of the tailored cut and puffy shoulders! Bought it at Aunt Olive's. Sequin shorts above are Mink Pink found at Victoire boutique. 
Happy Sunday xo


spring campaign..ning

This weekend was dedicated to prepping for a shoot I'm styling tomorrow. Here are some of my inspirations for spring colors as well as what my apartment looked like!! ;)  I'll post the finished product soon enough. Send me creative vibes for tomorrow! xx All inspiration images are taken from The Sartorialist

My visual board

...ummm...just picked up a few things ;)



YES ! Wild horses can NOT be broken. Love this.  Hit the beach wearing this, a pair of wedges and a silk blue scarf wrapped around your head ..a la turbin style...throw on some Chanel glasses and point me to some sexy beach...anywhere...south of France?...or no...Bamboo beach in Thailand....South Africa maybe?...just point and I'll be there. That's what I'm talking about!

Yes please. With some red ankle booties and skinny jeans. Just a thought.

color palette

color combos that are inspiring me for wardrobe changes, styling ideas, artistic pathways etc etc. xx

Sophie IS the ultimate babe. 
Images taken from Cup of Jo (by MIss Moss)

Un jour...

Thailand I miss you

Bangkok Thailand

Artist: Clare Elsaesser. The style made me think of one of my aunt's artistic talent that will always be remembered. x