"Wait 'til you see her"

My alarm was set and coffee was prepped.   I got up at 5:50am, to watch beautiful Kate (Catherine) Middleton wearing - I guessed it - Sarah Burton dress for Alexander McQueen!!  I've been texting and tweeting all morning.!.  Everything was absolutely magical and fairy tale like. 
"Wait 'til you see her" is what Harry apparently told Prince William as Kate walked down the aisle. Could we all melt please?  Catching Prince William tell Kate she was beautiful....not gonna lie....little tear. *_*  Their shy smiles as they walked together back down the aisle reminded me of Lady Diana.
Loved Kate's dress!! : "The lace appliqué on the bodice and skirt was hand-made by the Royal School of Needlework, while individual flowers were hand-cut from lace and attached to ivory silk tulle to create an organic effect, incorporating the rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock. The hips of the dress were padded and the skirt echoed the opening of a flower with a train that measured 2.7 metres." -Julia Neal ; vogue.co.uk
Also, Kate's earrings are apparently a gift from her parents, and word is that she did her own makeup.  COULD WE LOVE HER A LITTLE MORE?!!! ... Many are saying that the dress is very similar to Grace Kelly's when Prince Reinier III married her in Monaco.
Watching this live....EEEK - there's the kiss. Oh my what a crowd!! 

Prince Reinier III and Grace Kelly


Styling for a Cause

Firstly I do apologize for not blogging in a while.  I was both incredibly busy and incredibly ill :( I'm much better and wanted to share a recent special party...or should I say ParTea I was delighted to help out and collaborate with.

April 21st was all about combining fashions with fundraising!  St Laurent Centre raised funds for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation by throwing a Royal ParTea event that made us feel like we were all princesses (and for a few, princes).  High Tea was served to 125 guests in the gallery room of the Museum of Nature which was transformed into something you would see out of New York or LA.  It was absolutely magnificent.  Models from M.I.M. featured royal inspired fashions (pulled and styled by guess who?! ;) and guest speaker at the event was miss Jeanne Beker. WHOA!! An idol to so many fashionistas.  Jeanne was so gracious and lovely.  I enjoyed every minute spent with her as we were prepping for the event....aaaaand....she wore one of the hats I pulled for the show!

 The detailing, the time and the dedication that was put into the Royal ParTea was very apparent.  It was an honor to be a part of it.  Enjoy. xx
The Clothes! Kate Middleton fashions are now easily found :)

The sweet MIM models : Brenda, Alissa P, Alyssa K and Annaise. Beauties.
M.I.M. models Dina, Brenda, Alissa P, Alyssa K, Annaise, Gabriel and Victoria.  Clothes all from St Laurent Centre.
Interior Designer hard at work : Lee-Ann Lacroix
The interviews! Erica from Erica on Fashion (http://www.ericawark.com/) busy interviewing Bernice Rachkowski, Marketing Director from St Laurent.  Both wearing BCBG dresses.  Bernice's wedge sandals are Sam Edelman and Erica is wearing Louboutin pumps. 
Makeup artist Melody doing what she does best!! 
book signing, and signing....and signing.  Jeanne was so gracious and lovely. 
Jeanne wearing a Jacques Vert hat I had pulled for the show.  Was so pleased to add this hat to her outfit.
Jeanne photographed here with a sweet friend of mine Steven.  Loving the green on green - dashing with that bow tie.
The guests..!!.....There's James Jefferson from Blackbook Lifestyle
Ooooooooh my sweet colleagues from M.I.M. PR gal Stephanie and M.I.M. owner Sophie. xx



The Royal Wedding is quite the buzz and the whole world is counting down the days.
Can't make it to the actual wedding? Me neither - way too busy ;) BUT WAIT!!! You could attend what will be a fabulous Royal Par Tea event on April 21st at the Museum of Nature with special guest Jeanne Beker.  Models from MIM will be styled by moi in royal inspired fashions from St Laurent Centre to give you ideas on what to purchase for all of those spring/ summer weddings you're invited too.  Sooooooo - these days I have been researching miss Kate Middleton's fashions.  Enjoy these images of this sweet, chic , feminine gal we would all love to call our girlfriend.  Just sayin'.  xx


P r i n t e m p s

Spring outfit styled, by her own self, 5year old Mimi. I must say - I was proud. Enjoy xx


the eccentric decorator

My muse. Look at those sneakers?! too cool. Love Linda Rodin Olio - and her place in NYC. Amusez vous avec ce fil. J'adore. xx

*Images from Matchbook Magazine and from Song of Style blog