de belles bobettes

crushing on lingerie lately.  Loving these Eberjey lingerie pieces.  Changez-vous dans quelque chose de sexy cette ete les girls.  xx


pour les amis

Can you believe it? Friendship bracelets are back in town!! These bring back grade 5 and 6 memories!!  My friends and I used to spend a few hours a week making these!! Gosh this brings back memories.  And....of course....they're bAAAck.  Refresh your memory on making these by checking out Honestly....WTF. 
Donc amusez vous cette ete en faisant des bracelets pour vos amis....voila le fil de cette semaine :) ! xx

Pile on your version of bracelet collections this summer.  I love my beaded work of arts from Africa.

mish mosh of all kinds.

How beautiful are these pieces!! Erica Chan Coffman & Tamar Wider are the designers behind The 2 Bandits.


summer I've missed you

image from my bare style

image from my bare style

image from The Selby

image from my bare style

image from milk and mode

image from natalie off duty

image from glamourai