5 inch and up

bare style

bare style

This is so hot it's ridiculous. image from The Sartorialist

pics above: the sartorialist

Adoring this color combo. Images from because I'm addicted

image from : bleed for fashion

sometimes you gotta. I love u

images above: 5 inch and up. 
One day I will travel to Morroco ....

image above: 5 inch and up

Oh I know......!!! I know!!

image above from stylescrapbook.com and that camera bag you can find there too. Andy from stylescrapbook.com designed this bag for Kipling! have you fallen over yet ?!!!! weeeeeeeeeee!!! IN LOVE!

images above from chic intuition

image from stylescrapbook


cheveux en FEU

I may have done this today.  I may have ( how many have been putting it) 'de-virgin-nized' my hair. I wanted to do something fun to my hair for the summer and did not want to cut it - so I may have been inspired this week researching the ombre look .... I may have...I'm just sayin'.
Amusez vous bien avec ce fil - mes cheveux sont en FEU! xx