c o u n t d o w n

Happy New Years!  Everything fabulous for 2012.
dress : Motel Rocks at viens avec moi boutique  xx


viens avec moi - doors open

I know!!!!! It has been such a LONG time since I have posted ANYTHING. :( ...new year's resolution.
Happy Holidays everyone.  I'm pleased to finally announce that Sophie and I have opened our 'style doors' December 1st.  viens avec moi is open for business!!.... and it has been fantastic.
Our dream boutique has come true and we are very proud.  The help and support behind VAM has been tremendous and we are extremely thankful.  I wanted to share with you a 'taste of viens avec moi'.  Photographer: Christopher Schlesak.  Amusez vous avec ce fil. xx

jewelry case made by my father xx

yes....this is.  This. is. a. shoe room.  You are welcome.
Kelsi Dagger loveliness

Jenny Bird necklace ... pieces selling quickly.